Employees attend digital event to inspire inclusion

8th Mar 2024

In recognition of International Women’s Day Northern Marine invited employees across its global office network to join a discussion on Wednesday 6th March to inspire inclusion.

Employees from Glasgow, Mumbai, Singapore and across the wider global office network joined for a presentation and discussion led by independent specialist consultant Rachel Hughes.

The session follows the launch of a range of initiatives, both onshore and offshore, to drive forward Northern Marine’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

In Wednesday’s session themes explored included the value and impact of inclusion, barriers for women in the global workplace and how to consciously build inclusion day to day.

Employees were invited to reflect and comment on their own inclusive behaviours, possible opportunities to better foster inclusion and consider if it would be of value to them to expand the diversity of their professional and personal support networks.

Closing the event, Margaret McFadzean, Group Head of HR: “Many thanks to everyone for attending today’s session which is in the context of International Women’s Day and this year’s theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’.

“Inclusion is not a project, it’s not a task, it is behaviour driven and is about culture and we want to recognise and celebrate the culture of inclusion.

“Inclusion is obviously a much wider discussion across our global business and the industry, and I think it is important to understand we are all part of that discussion.

“People desire to feel safe and included in their working environment, have open discussion and be who they are, and I think it is so important we are all part of that, each and every one of us."

Northern Marine is a member of the maritime industry Diversity Study Group which includes providing employees with the opportunity to give surveyed anonymous feedback to better shape the industry’s approach to DEI.

As a member of the All Aboard Alliance, Northern Marine is also proud to support a groundbreaking initiative aimed at making life at sea more inclusive and attractive to all seafarers.

The Company is one of eleven leading maritime companies participating in a pilot on one of our managed vessels to test a variety of real-life measures to improve working conditions for seafarers.