Clyde Travel AB mark first year in business

11th Oct 2019

Clyde Travel AB, a Swedish offshoot of Clyde Travel Management, is marking a successful first year in business.

Currently providing business travel support services from its office in Gothenburg, the Company’s travel consultants have issued 6,500 flight tickets, 2,600 hotel bookings and 1,400 rail journeys for its customers to date.

Reflecting on the Company’s first year in business, Paul Cronje, Director, said: “Our first-year objectives have been entirely operational: employ the right people, establish customer relationships, explore market differences and adjust and secure a smooth flow of data from the reservation to the invoice.

“We were very fortunate to quickly find an exceptional team of travel consultants in Arne, Lena, Anna-karin and Ellinor.

“For modern day travel management companies to thrive, they need to have a multi-cultural and global footprint; not necessarily to be ‘bigger’ but definitely to be ‘better’ at understanding the global trends in the travel space and adapting quickly in lagging markets.”

As well as benefitting from its parent company’s well-established travel management operations and know-how, Clyde Travel AB can rely on its employees’ in-depth knowledge of the Swedish travel industry and the requirements of both onshore and offshore travelling professionals.

Arne Sjögren, Lead Business Travel Consultant, added: “The Swedish market, like many global markets, differs from the UK in many respects especially in terms of technology, traveller expectations, forms of payment and VAT regulations.

“We therefore couldn’t simply take a copy of Clyde Travel Management and paste it in Gothenburg. What we offer today in Sweden is a Swedish value proposal but still distinctly different in the local market: we have chosen to establish ourselves as ‘high-touch’ service-orientated instead of following the global trend among travel management companies to be more faceless.

“The biggest success in our first year of operations has been all the happy customers. The team has a lot of competence and knowledge of the industry and we have really got to understand our customers well.”

Second year objectives for the Company includes the increased utilisation of its self-booking platform and the increased usage of data analysis tools to improve services. Clyde Travel AB is the only travel management company in Sweden which holds membership in the WIN Travel Network, offering the Company increased ticket buying power, consolidated data, access to leading hotel programmes, and enhanced local market knowledge.

In addition, Clyde Travel Management is one of only a handful of travel management companies which benefits from a New Distribution Technology, enjoying direct pricing arrangements with airlines such as British Airways, thus offering fare flexibility and a more personalised service to clients. It is hoped the NDC agreement will soon be extended to Clyde Travel AB.

Paul added: “We still have some way to go to implement more advanced technology and products to the Swedish market, but at heart travel consultants want to serve and please. The more faceless travel becomes, the more valuable a personal service is. We are confident we are offering the right balance.”

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Photo, Left to Right: Anna-Karin Zachrisson, Lena Pihl, Arne Sjogren,  Ellinor Jonasson