Clyde Travel Management website launch

14th May 2021

Clyde Travel Management, a Northern Marine Group company, recently unveiled their new website with the aim of better communicating to current and potential clients how they can deliver value through expertise, innovative proprietary technology and increased international presence.

The site has been designed for clients within the maritime, offshore, renewables and corporate sectors, all with very different travel management requirements, and now makes it easier to find and understand the services that Clyde can provide.

Commenting on the launch of the new site, Melanie Quinn, Head of Sales and Customer Relations said: “The last 12-14 months have obviously been seismic in terms of the effect Covid-19 has had on travel, but at Clyde we feel confident we are well placed to offer the support companies will need to allow their businesses to recover and flourish, and this new website reflects this confidence.

“With the ethos ‘Nobody Moves You Like Clyde’, we aim to show clients in all three sectors why a Travel Management Company is so important and why we are the best choice to provide this service.

“We’ve made it easy for customers to discover the solutions that matter for their business and understand how our international presence, values and focus match their own ambitions for growth.”

Visit the site at: