NMG announces inhouse digital management system

26th Nov 2018

A new website and short film, promoting Northern Marine Group’s inhouse digital vessel management system have been launched.

The Aurora Digital Solutions (NMG subsidiary) website provides high-level information on Aurora, a digital asset management system currently being utilised by seafarers and onshore technical managers.

Built internally by Northern Marine Group’s software development department, the one-stop digital platform provides greater efficiencies in vessel maintenance management and fleet performance monitoring amongst other areas.

David Dick, Aurora Digital Manager, said the new website and film promote the benefits of the system and the efficiencies offered when vessels and offshore assets are under Northern Marine’s management.

He said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new dynamic website and promotional short film. Our industry-leading software solutions are modern, intuitive and easy-to-use, ensuring onshore and offshore personnel are equipped with an accessible system they enjoy using.

“Our solutions will not only meet specific client requirements but will also aim to complement their long-term strategic ambitions.”

Douglas Cowden, Director of Ship Management, Northern Marine Management Ltd, said Aurora has optimised processes across the fleet of vessels under management.

He added: “Our technical management teams spread across our global network of offices, and thousands of seafarers operating on our managed vessels, have been benefitting from Aurora since it’s gradual implementation across the fleet in 2018.

“This inhouse, tailored system is another tool which leads to greater operational efficiencies and further ensures the safe and effective management of vessels.”

To visit the Aurora Digital Solutions website, visit www.aurora-digital.net