Philippines School Support

9th Aug 2018

Two Company-sponsored schools in the Philippines gave a warm welcome to Northern Marine representation during recent visits to their respective establishments.

Thomas Campbell, Fleet Personnel Manager – Far East, attended the San Pedro school in Davao and Jacobo school in Laguna to witness first-hand how Northern Marine Group and Stena Bulk's financial contributions are benefitting pupils aged between 4 and 18.

Funding is used to provide Wi-Fi access, computers and classroom facilities for math, science, English, home economics and music.

Thomas said: “Combined, the two schools have over 2500 students that attend in 2 daily “shifts”.

“We met with the head teachers from each school and discussed the way in which the schools use the internet, and how valuable having the connection is, particularly for research and project work.

“We also discussed at length what steps the school is taking to encourage more students to consider seagoing careers and, in particular, females in engineering roles.

"Many thanks to the schools for their friendly hospitality."