Pledge to reduce single-use plastic water bottels on vessels

11th Sep 2020

Northern Marine Management has joined a newly formed group of global ship owners and managers collectively pledging to reduce single-use plastic (SUP) water bottles across vessel fleets.

Led by IMPA, the leading association for marine purchasing and supply professionals, the group have committed to the IMPA SAVE Sustainability Programme which aims to bring the industry together to share existing sustainable solutions and set goals that can be achieved to support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The pledge by Northern Marine Management to reduce usage of SUP water bottles onboard its managed vessels by 2025 follows the Company’s own internal and wide-ranging sustainability plastics reduction initiative, implemented in 2019.

Nighean Osborne-Price, Fleet Purchasing Controller, Northern Marine, said: “By joining other ship owners and managers in the IMPA SAVE pledge to reduce SUPs by 2025, we are further demonstrating our commitment to adopting more sustainable solutions in both procurement and operations.

“This requires a cultural change across our fleet and supporting office staff, where everyone needs to come together to reduce SUP usage.  We welcome ideas, innovation and support for this project from all areas of the ship management organisation whether afloat or ashore.

“As well as the experience and competence we have in our Purchasing Dept, we are fortunate to have a Marine Supply entity within the Group (Francois Marine & Offshore), which offers us an even greater understanding of the options available to us to achieve our goals.”

Mikael Karlsson, Head of Sales, Francois Marine & Offshore, chairs the IMPA Sustainability Council.  

He said: “By bringing companies together under IMPA SAVE, we aim to create an opportunity not only to share knowledge on better more sustainable practices and alternatives through regular webinars, but also to motivate each other to be better stewards of our oceans through committing and regular impact reporting.

“Our vision is to take action now and continuously facilitate the need for responsible procurement, engaging with companies, organisations and people who can and will support better solutions for life below and above water.”

According to IMPA SAVE, every year, an average vessel of 22 crew members consumes close to 18 tons of drinking water.  With an estimated 55,000 vessels on our planet, this equates close to 1 billion litres of water delivered onboard. Considering that an Aquafina one-litre bottle weighs 41 grams and is 10.1 inches tall and almost 3 inches wide, it is possible to use all these bottles to build a bridge to the moon that is 0.5 metres wide.


IMPA SAVE is hosting a 24-hour time-zone Sustainability Run on 12th October. For more information and to participate, visit