VR Mooring Simulator shortlised for industry award

17th Aug 2020

A VR Mooring Operations Safety Simulator created by Aurora Digital Solutions, in partnership with the Merchant Navy Training Board and the Maritime Educational Foundation, has been shortlisted for an industry award.

The thirty minute, fully immersive simulator teaches users a range of seafaring duties related to mooring such as equipment checks, inspections, maintenance and physical operational processes, as well as vital situational awareness training covering snapback zones, bights and pinch points.

The Company created the syllabus of micro-modules following analysis of incident statistics and consultation with experienced crew and onshore maritime specialists via its parent company Northern Marine Group.

Jamie Roberts, Digital Innovation Manager, Aurora Digital Solutions, is delighted the simulator - which adheres OCIMF MEG-4 guidelines - has been shortlisted for a Safety4Sea Technology Award. 

He said: “By leveraging the immersive power of Virtual Reality, we can now provide the trainee with the situational awareness and in-depth understanding of what operational best practice related to mooring operations will feel and look like well before they step onboard.

“Having developed the VR training package in consultation with experienced crew we were able to create an increased level of authenticity and an opportunity for users to witness the serious consequences caused by human error or equipment failure.”

Jamie added: “With the support of the MNTB and Maritime Educational Foundation, we are now in a position to take this to industry to demonstrate a strong case for the use of the technology. We plan to also share the simulator with UK nautical colleges, so they can build this training into their existing curriculum.”

Kathryn Neilson, Director, Merchant Navy Training Board, added: “With the MNTB’s drive to enhance seafarer skills and competency levels, the MNTB has watched the development of Aurora Digital’s Mooring Simulator programme with great interest. 

“We were delighted when the Maritime Educational Foundation agreed to offer financial support to the project, enabling the concept to become a reality.  The programme is a perfect example of what can be achieved using VR technology in training and I am looking forward to seeing further projects come to fruition.

“We have the ability to deliver training using VR technology, now we need to implement it.  Results have proven that training through this medium enhances performance and that, topped with the ability to perform operations in a controlled and safe environment, is a key factor in the development of this type of technology for seafarer training.”

To vote for Aurora Digital Solutions in the Safety4sea Technology Award, visit https://events.safety4sea.com/2020-safety4sea-awards/