19th Sep 2019

Ensuring all Company vessels under their control are maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition in accordance with the requirements/instructions issued by the client, the Company’s Senior Management, flag state administrations and classification societies.

Main Responsibilities

-Ensuring managed vessels are operated efficiently to required standards to minimise downtime and maintain the client’s assets.

-Ensuring that all ship operations, shipboard activities, the standard of maintenance, vessel appearance and décor are to the standards required by the client and the Company.

-Acting as principal point of contact between ship and shore-based staff.

-Auditing the day-to-day technical running of the vessels managed by the Company under their control.

-Providing advice to vessels staff and Company management within their area of expertise.

-Monitoring vessels under their control to ensure all statutory requirements concerning certification, safe manning, safety procedures, plant and machinery are complied with and ensuring appropriate records are maintained, liaising with and making appropriate notifications to classification societies, flag administrations etc as necessary.

-Reviewing the vessel’s monthly return of the SFOPS 19 – Survey Report to ensure that the vessel is reporting the correct information. Responsible for dealing with any surveys falling due as appropriate, arranging surveys, extensions etc. with due consideration of trading pattern and future voyage prospects, to ensure certificate validity is maintained.

-Responding to the minutes from Safety Committee Meetings.

-Liaising with ship’s personnel to ensure operational procedures are carried out in a manner commensurate with the safe and efficient operation of the vessel(s).

-The monitoring of planned maintenance systems.

-Maintaining familiarity with all Company rules and operating manuals in order to provide advice to ship’s staff and enable a leading role to be undertaken in any casualty response as required by management.

-Monitoring and inspecting of log books, abstracts and periodic returns submitted by the vessels.

-Advising the Fleet Manager on day to day issues and Senior -Management of ship operating difficulties and non-routine issues as appropriate.

-Carrying out periodic ship visits

-Auditing of vessels as required by the Management System.

-Maintaining appropriate documentation and promulgating technical bulletins as necessary for the safe and efficient running of managed vessels.

-Ensuring the day to day manning of vessels with technically competent staff with the relevant experience.

-Co-ordinating and monitoring the efficient, safe and economic provision of all services required for ship operation including where appropriate port services, agents, bunkering, storing, surveys and external contractors etc.

-Assisting the Fleet Manager in the preparation of annual operating cost budgets within their area of expertise

-Preparing budgets and specifications for dry-docking and voyage repairs. Analysing quotations and liaising with clients on dry-dock selection along with scheduling, supervision, and settlement of invoices. Ensuring the completion of shipyard appraisal forms are carried out.

-Verifying and authorising the price and availability quotations obtained by the purchasing department in respect of spares, supplies and services for vessels not under shipboard management.

-Monitor vessel expenditure

-Assisting the Fleet Manager in the preparation of Insurance Claim reports and submissions. 

-Interviewing Masters, Chief Engineers and other senior officers during office brief/debrief visits and participate in the periodic appraisals of senior officers within their area of expertise

-Provide cover for Fleet Manager

-Liaison with all departments involved with support to vessels under their responsibility.

-Interviewing sea staff recruits.

-Occasional travel as required

Candidate Requirements

-Qualifications to perform as a key member of the shipboard management team to fulfil the rank of at least second engineer or chief officer.

-Minimum of 2+ years at sea with experience as part of the onboard management team (SMT)

-Minimum of 1+ years’ experience ashore at Shipping Company – Operations.

-Knowledge of ISM/ISPS/MLC

-Keen knowledge of vessel operations, technical to include and safety procedures in either chemical, oil, gas tankers operations

-Good financial knowledge of budgets and maintaining cost control whilst maintaining the company standards of safety and quality.

Location - Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire

Salary - Competitive

Reference Number - NMLTSU01

Closing date: 24th Oct 2019

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