Gas carrier crew receive rescue commendation

6th Mar 2023

The crew of a Northern Marine managed gas carrier have received a certificate of commendation following the rescue at sea of 18 people last summer in the Gulf of Mexico.

Captain Kostyantyn Yeremenko was commanding the VLGC Avance Polaris on passage to Panama when he and the officer of the watch observed a small craft 2.7 nautical miles away.

Captain Yeremenko (pictured) deviated the course of the vessel to establish if support was required and sounded the vessel’s horn upon approach as a form of alert.

Noting the individuals onboard the floating craft required assistance, the U.S Coast Guard were notified and the crew of the Avance Polaris were granted permission to assist in bringing the passengers onboard to safety.

A certificate of commendation from the maritime administrator of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (the vessel’s flag state) was recently accepted by Northern Marine Management on behalf of the Crew at an industry event in Glasgow.

The commendation reads: “The rapid response and professional actions taken by the Captain Kostyantyn Yeremenko and the crew of the Avance Polaris are in keeping with the finest traditions of the sea. We extend our appreciation for your exemplary commitment to the maritime community.”

From the Avance Polaris, Capt. Yeremenko said: "I'm deeply honoured, grateful and a bit surprised since the award was totally unexpected.

"All crewmembers of Avance Polaris acted as one and demonstrated high professional levels and lots of compassion towards survivors.

"I would like to acknowledge the Bridge Team performance for demonstrated high standards, the Catering team for hard work and dedication and the Deck team headed by the Chief Officer for the support provided to those in distress and to all crew for maintaining a high level of vigilance towards the safety and security of the vessel."

Alastair Fleming, Fleet Director, Northern Marine Management commended the crew for their actions.

He said: "The crew of the Avance Polaris carried out this commendable rescue as per their duties as seafarers and have therefore demonstrated their commitment to not only their profession, but also to best protecting the lives of others.

"Their actions evidence the finest and most noble aspects of the profession, and they are a credit to the Company and themselves."

Those rescued were given nourishing sustenance onboard before being safely transported to Panama and disembarked to the authorities.